Chad LaRose write-in effort launched by Facebook group

LaRose write-in campaign started 

An write-in campaign on behalf of Carolina Hurricanes forward Chad Larose has been launched by the Facebook group “Vote Chad LaRose for the NHL 07 All Star Game” (registration required).  The Facebook group already has 256 members. LaRose, a Fraser, Michigan native, has seven points this season, included two assists in the last two games.

The Facebook group’s announced motto is “He’s the greatest f****** hockey player that ever lived, he does all the little things right, and thus should be praised for it. If you want to watch a REAL hockey player, watch Chad LaRose. VOTE CHAD LAROSE TO THE NHL ALL STAR GAME!”  Facebook is a social networking site for college and high school students.  The LaRose write-in group was founded by North Carolina State University students Matt Willert and Brooks Peel.

Voting runs through January 2 

There’s a direct link to the English language US ballot for the 2007 NHL All-Star game, or you can use Remember to vote Rod Brind’Amour, Erik Cole, and Eric Staal for Eastern conference forwards, and Cam Ward for Eastern Conference goalie.  You can cast votes every day during the voting period. You can also vote for Chad LaRose using the pulldown “Eastern write-in” menu.

Rory Fitzpatrick also has write-in effort in the Western Conference 

There is also an extensive effort for a Western Conference write-in for Vancouver Canucks defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick . Voters can choose both an Eastern and Western conference write-in choice in addition to their full slate of already nominated candidates.


2 Responses to “Chad LaRose write-in effort launched by Facebook group”

  1. Mike White Says:

    I think that since there are no Canes defensemen on the ballot, we should write-in Mike Commodore.

  2. Gerry Says:

    Good idea Mike!

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