The Oswego effect — Cole’s surge to 6th place

Cole surges, 3rd place among week 2 voters
Tried to figure out the week 2 numbers which showed Cole garnering 91,868 votes while Brindy had 17,492 and Staal 16,217. Only Malkin with 120+k and Crosby with 160+k exceeded Cole in week 2. This would indicate that the Cole voters are NOT Canes partisans per se.

Oswego votes early and often
The N&O has a little piece this morning (page 6C of the print edition)  which states “…Carolina wing Erik Cole apparently has been staging a much stealthier – and more effective – campaign to land himself in Dallas for the Jan. 24 All-Star game … Asked to explain his metoric rise in the voting, Cole jokingly did not rule our voter fraud. ‘It’s the only way to explain it’ the Oswego, N.Y. native said. I’ve got a hometown that’s probably got about 15,000 people that are probably trying to vote every day.'”

Fraud – not Of course, it’s not voter fraud to vote every day, there is no rule against voting every day (or for that matter, multiple times per day). In fact, the NHL TV advertising allegedly encourages people to “vote often”. The only rule on point is that “No automatic, programmed or robotic votes will be accepted.

Occam’s razor All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one . The simplest explanation for the totals is that Oswego voters are voting for Cole, as well as two other forwards (since you have to vote a full slate), it’s just that they are not going en masse for Staal and Brind’Amour.  Other explanations could be that the Fitzpatrick write-in voters from the West (we’ll find out today how many votes Rory has been getting) have latched on to Erik to fill out their East ballot.  Of course, another explanation could be that week 2 voters are savvy to Erik’s work ethic that got him back from last year’s neck injury to a role in last year’s games 6 & 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.

all-star ballot

Online all-star voting runs through January 2

There’s a direct link to the English language US ballot for the 2007 NHL All-Star game, or you can use Remember to vote Rod Brind’Amour, Erik Cole, and Eric Staal for Eastern conference forwards, and Cam Ward for Eastern Conference goalie.


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