Rory Fitzpatrick write-in campaign revisited

Fitzpatrick has 31,000+ write-in votes 

The improbable campaign to write-in Canucks defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick for Western Conference defenseman has picked up speed, with the NHL reporting last Wednesday that Fitzpatrick had picked up 31,310 votes. This puts him in 12th place, ahead of Mathieu Schneider who has 30,628 votes.

Interview with Rory

Rory has been interviewed about the campaign, and has written a piece. The Canucks have Vote for Rory t-shirts in their locker room.  

Vancouver press coverage 

The Vancouver Province newspaper had a lengthy article Friday on the campaign, noting: “It started out as a lark and it’s turned into a growing, message-board-flexing grassroots movement that has thousands championing underdog Rory Fitzpatrick for the NHL all-star game. When 22-year-old Steve Schmid, of Auburn, N.Y., put up his website on Nov. 19, he didn’t think he’d get much reaction. He didn’t see his campaign ever getting off the ground. But six hours later, by the time he’d gone to the mall and come back, he had 6,000 hits and an Internet monster on his hands. Nine days after he first put it up, the website and its disciples have stirred up 31,310 votes for the Canucks’ injured defenceman, a total that is good enough for 12th in Western Conference voting. ‘It just shows you that if people believe in something they can spread it like wildfire,’ said Schmid, a Sabres fan. ‘Everyone has a different reason for it. You have a lot of people who think it’s a joke. There are a lot of people who want to support the underdog, and a lot of other people are Canucks fans or fans from other cities where Rory played. Then you have the people who don’t like the way the NHL has set up voting for its all-star game.’ Schmid came up with the idea while discussing issues on the message board He said his motive came from his love of the underdog. He sought to put a spotlight on a lesser-known player who doesn’t get much publicity…. Fitzpatrick said he’s getting a kick out of the campaign since he checked the site after hearing about it a few days ago from friends and family. ‘I’ve been getting e-mails and calls from people back home. Someone said there were signs in Edmonton the other night,’ Fitzpatrick said. ‘People put a lot of time into it. You have to give credit to the people who put it all together. They did a great job. It’s pretty funny.’ Fitzpatrick has played only 16 games with the Canucks this year and has been out of action since Nov. 6 with a fracture in his foot.”

Rory Campaign Central

Campaign central appear to be over on HFBoards, where there are now five threads. The first four were capped, the fourth with 1,000 posts. The fifth is already well underway. The official site is at

Keep voting through January 2

all-star ballot

Online all-star voting runs through January 2

There’s a direct link to the English language US ballot for the 2007 NHL All-Star game, or you can use Remember to vote Rod Brind’Amour, Erik Cole, and Eric Staal for Eastern conference forwards, and Cam Ward for Eastern Conference goalie.


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