Rory Fitzpatrick Media Dec 9-17

This blog entry covers media and blog stories December 9-17. Complete December 1- present media coverage is here, complete December 1-present blog coverage here

 Rory’s media coverage

With the release of week 3 voting totals and week 4 voting totals for the 2007 NHL All-Star game and Rory Fitzpatrick in 6th place among Western Conference D-men, press coverage has multiplied.

Here’s a sampler:

(updated December 17)

Media Websites (MN) (December 17) Internet gets out vote for journeyman Fitzpatrick

New York Daily News (December 17) Rory Glory (second story)

Toronto Sun (December 17) And Another Thing – Vote For Rory (December 15) Rocking the vote (second story on the page) (December 14)  Sid, Alex, and Rory (December 13)  Rocking the Boat in St. Louis; Rocking the Vote Out West (December 13) Vote early; vote often

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (December 13) Fitzpatrick Gains ground in votes for All-Star Roster

The Province (December 13) Sharks fans take a big bite out of Fitzpatrick all-star drive

Newark Star-Ledger (December 13) Dowd Deflection Nearly Tips Balance

Edmonton Journal (December 13) Letting fans vote online unsatisfactoRory

Westmount (PQ) Examiner (December 12) C’mon, vote for Rory! (December 11) The Fitzpatrick Campaign Picks up Speed (2nd story)

Sports Illustrated (December 11) The 10-spot

Maksymum Hockey Radio (Rochester NY based) (December 11) Maksymum Hockey Radio interview with Rory and voteforrory founder Steve Schmid mp3 (60-minute hockey show some discussion at 3:36, interview with Steve Schmid from 13:32 to 19:56, interview with Rory starts at 31:49)

New York Times (December 10) Vote for Rory (2nd part of story)

Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier (December 10) Rory Who? NHL voting giving new meaning to crashing the net (December 9) Rink Report: Fitzpatrick fans packing All-Star ballot box

Montreal Gazette (December 9) Fan voting for Canuck’s Fitzpatrick latest laugh in joke of an All-Star Game

Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester NY) (December 9) Hockey fan’s All-Star campaign snowballs

Blogs (December 17) Leafed

James Mirtle (December 16) Burnside Backs Rory Campaign (will add link)

Bettman Hates Hockey (December 15) Sadly, It’s come to this

The Shoebox (December 15) Vote for Rory

Sabre Rattling (December 14) How I Became a Space Monkey and Voted for Rory

2-minute minor (December 13) Vote for Rory!

BumfOnline (December 13) Talk About Being a Schmuck (excellent response to the Edmonton Journal hit piece)

Cape Cat’s Blog (December 13) Vote for Rory

Canucks Hockey Blog (December 13) Fitzpatrick Gains 70,000 on Lidstrom

James Mirtle (December 13) Fitzpatrick Set to Make Return

Hockey Madness (December 12) Vote for Rory Clip

Pulled My Groin (December 12) What Could be the Coolest NHL All-Star Game Ever

 James Mirtle (December 11) A Vote for the Little Guy (Mirtle is a sports desk staffer at the Globe and Mail in Toronto)

James Mirtle (December 11) The Insanity Grows

Chris Nadeau Weblog (December 11) The Internet Really Does Work

Battle of Alberta (December 10) Big Deal. I am Very Professional.

Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog (December 10) Dump the Schmoozefest

Ted’s Hockey Emporium (December 9) Rory Fitzpatrick

BlogTrot (December 9) Send Rory Fitzpatrick to the All-Star Game

This blog entry covers media and blog stories December 9-17. Complete December 1- present media coverage is here, complete December 1-present blog coverage here
Vote often through January 2

all-star ballot

Voting runs through January 2

There’s a direct link to the English language US ballot for the 2007 NHL All-Star game, or you can use Remember to vote Rod Brind’Amour, Erik Cole, and Eric Staal for Eastern conference forwards, and Cam Ward for Eastern Conference goalie.


2 Responses to “Rory Fitzpatrick Media Dec 9-17”

  1. Jeff Kolcon Says:

    Check out the archived show from last Monday. Live interview with Rory.

  2. gercohen Says:

    Thanks Jeff, I’ve put a link up to Maksymum Hockey Radio under December 11 when the show aired. Great interviews!

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