Rory Fitzpatrick Media Dec 18-24

This blog entry covers media and blog stories December 18-24. Complete December 1- present media coverage is here, complete December 1-present blog coverage here

Rory’s media coverage

With the official announcement from NHL that Rory Fitzpatrick is the #2 vote getter among Western Conference defensemen,  media coverage will be accelerating.

Here’s a sampler of coverage (link on left is to the general website, link on right is to the specific story or post):

(updated December 24)

Media Websites

News & Observer (Raleigh NC) (12/24) “Vote for Rory” critics are kidding … right?

The State (Columbia SC) (12/24) NHL write-in campaign nears its goal

Star-Tribune (Minneapolis) 12/24 Sunday insider and continued

Edmonton Sun (12/24) Grapes says Fitzpatrick campaign is “a joke’

cNews (12/23) Don Cherry blasts fan campaign to send journeyman blue-liner to all-star game

CBC (12/23) Hockey night in Canada Coaches Corner with Don Cherry and Ron McLean (video clip) (12/23) NHL should listen to Gretzky and intervene in ‘Vote for Rory’ Internet all-star game campaign

Los Angeles Times (12/22) He’s a bit out of place as an all-star also page 2 of story

Rocky Mountain News (12/22) NHL Lineup -December 22 (second story)

Dallas Morning News (12/22) All-star campaign reveals system’s flaws (12/22) Online masses embrace Canucks player

Globe & Mail (12/22) Internet rebels boost unlikely NHL all-star (front page story in print edition) A MUST READ

Northern Life (Sudbury) (12/22) Internet campaign revolves around former Wolves captain

Detroit News (12/22) Lidstrom OK with write-in

Buffalo News (12/22) Tallinder should be back soon

Arizona Republic (12/22) Vote for Rory All-Star push irks Gretzky

ESPN TV (12/21) The PTI boys wonder about the Rory Fitzpatrick All-Star campaign (Video clip from the 12/21 PTI TV show)


The Province (12/21) League likes Rory for ‘fun’ factor A MUST READ

CBC Sports (12/21) Rory Fitzpatrick an all-star? So funny I forgot to laugh

Sports Illustrated (12/21) The 10 Spot (Item 10)

MSNBC.COM (12/21) Journeyman has shot to be All-Star starter

Los Angeles Times (12/21) Canuck’s Fitzpatrick is an All-Star with this fan

Ottawa Citizen (12/21)  NHL pulling for Rory, too (subscription required for full read)

Toronto Star (12/21) Internet campaign affects all-star voting (2nd story)

Express-News (San Antonio) (12/20) Click and Scroll: Online campaign for Fitzpatrick successful, but still in jeopardy (12/20) ‘Vote for Rory’ Gathers Steam (12/20) Fitzpatrick 2nd in Western Conference voting (12/20) Joe Thornton leads Western Conference vote-getters … (official story from the NHL that Rory Fitzpatrick is #2 among NHL defensemen)

The Province (12/20) Fitzpatrick makes move worthy of an all-star (12/19) Head to Head two stories: Respect the Process and Get on the Bandwagon (12/19) Rory Fitzpatrick: All-Star Starter

Versus (12/18) All-Star balloting Update. TV coverage of this week’s voting totals. Click on “VERSUS Exclusive – All-Star Balloting Update” for the video. Screen capture of week 5 cumulative voting totals:

Edmonton Sun (12/18) Let’s hope NHL can have fun with Rory story

NBC Sports (12/18) The Fitzpatrick Campaign Goes Negative (third story)


Tiny Chunks of Empire (12/24) A Vote for Rory is a Vote for All of Us

Buzz Canuck (12/24) The Top 11 Word-of-Mouth Stories of 2006 (#7)

Out of Left Field (12/24) Kelly Hrudey did wear a helmet when he played, right?

NHL Audio (12/24) A Foot in the Crease – Episode 2.16

Caterwauls (12/24) Vote for Rory!

The Unofficial Anaheim Ducks Blog (12/24) In this weeks episode we recap

Kukla’s Corner (12/24) Fitzpatrick campaign a joke

Puck Podcast (12/24) Puck Podcast – December 24, 2006

Strategist’s Personal Library (12/23) Anything that gets Don Cherry mad has to be a good thing

FromCork2Toronto (12/23) Don Cherry – The Grinch that Stole Rory Fitzpatrick’s All-Star?

Larkin – MySpace Blog (12/23) Keep Voting for Rory Fitzpatrick!

Out of Left Field (12/23) Where’d the Year Go … November

Stephen Smart Online (12/23) All Star Game Voting

End To End Hockey (12/23) Episode 16 is Public

ThePensBlog (12/23) Jingle Pucks

Dan Murphy (12/22) To go or not to go

The 4th Star (12/22) Wayne Gretzky hates Rory Fitzpatrick

James Mirtle (12/22) Rory hits the front page (Mirtle links all his Rory blog coverage and has an image of the front page of the 12/22 Globe and Mail with a Rory story)

Dejuiced (12/22) The Internet isUnbelievable Now

Hockey Hearsay (12/22) Vote for Rory irks Gretzky

Burl’s Blog (12/22) Hockey News

The Influence Peddler (12/22) The Power of the Internet

Deadspin (12/22) Year in Review: November

The Spin on Sports (12/22) Mario and Rory

Lowetide (12/21 ) A few things (good read)

Tiny Chunks of Empire (12/21) He’d Vote for You

Boltsmag (12/21) Now you’re just being silly

Hockey Hearsay (12/21) Sabourin gets nod, Rory gets USA Today cover

John Bollwit Blog (12/21) Make Rory Fitzpatrick an all-star

FC Now (12/21) Vote for Rory

The Infamous Dinghy (12/21) Vote for Rory

The Pink Seats (12/21) Rory doesn’t belong on the top of my Christmas tree

Kara Yorio (12/20) Fans are pushing Fitzpatrick to All-Star Game

NASN blogs (12/20) Rory Who?

Kukla’s Corner (12/20) Rory #2

Deadspin (12/19) Vote for Rory Campaign Proving Frighteningly Successful

Off Wing Opinion (12/19) Fitzpatrick Passes Lidstrom, Niedermeyer Within Striking Distance

Andrew’s Dallas Stars and NHL Blog (12/19) Ducks; Rory Fitpatrick

BFG Blog (12/19) Vote Early and Vote Often

Canucks Hockey Blog (12/18) Rory Fitzpatrick: 2nd in All-Star voting

Off-Wing Opini0n (12/18) Fitzpatrick Moves into #2 Slot in Western Conference Voting

Road Apples (12/18) Vote early, vote often, vote Rory 

Vote often through January 2 all-star ballot

Voting runs through January 2

There’s a direct link to the English language US ballot for the 2007 NHL All-Star game, or you can use Remember to vote Rod Brind’Amour, Erik Cole, and Eric Staal for Eastern conference forwards, and Cam Ward for Eastern Conference goalie.


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