Rory media Dec 25-31

This blog entry covers media and blog stories December 25-present. Complete December 1- present media coverage is here, complete December 1-present blog coverage here

Rory’s media coverage

With the official announcement from NHL that Rory Fitzpatrick is the #3 vote getter among Western Conference defensemen, media coverage has accelerated.

Here’s a sampler of coverage (link on left is to the general website, link on right is to the specific story or post):

(updated December 31)


USA Today (12/31) Notes: Orr, Brashear suspended, Fitzpatrick has a point

The Province (12/31) ALL-STAR GAME; 10 reasons to make ‘histoRory’ (12/30) Sedin’s two goals, assist, pace Canucks past Oilers Game notes (end of story) (12/28) Hodge on WJHC points, Rory, and Sid

Calgary Sun (12/28) ‘Net loss for Fitzpatrick some good Fitzpatrick quotes on Cherry (12/28) Fitzpatrick feels sting from Cherry, falls to third in voting (12/28) If Rory can, so can Woz

Vancouver Sun (12/28) No. 1 in fans’ hearts, No. 3 in fan balloting

Toronto Sun (12/28) Cherry’s comments hurt Fitzpatrick

Chronicle-Herald (Halifax) (12/28) Defenceman Fitzpatrick falls in NHL all-star voting (12/28) Write-in candidate slips

Mercury News (12/28) Stars captain sidelined after surgery on wrist

Akron Beacon-Journal (12/28) More injured Ducks (12/27) Fitzpatrick falls to third in All-Star voting (12/27) All-star fortunes failing

Sports Illustrated (12/27) Defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick falls to third in NHL all-star voting

The Province (12/27) Fitzpatrick stung by Cherry’s remarks quotes from Rory, reporter calls Cherry mean-spirited (12/27) Fitzpatrick falls in all-star voting (12/27) Fans have their say on Rory

Victoria Times Colonist (12/27) Hey Cherry, look in the mirror (subscription required for full story)

Globe & Mail (12/26) Fitzpatrick’s campaign still going strong (this story repeat’s last week’s numbers as if they are new, a product of the NHL’s confusing 12/26 news release)

Detroit News (12/25) Fitzpatrick backers have run amok


Eyes on the Prize (12/31) Bloggers Can Aim Higher than Rory (excellent focus on what to do after January 2nd)

Bloggin’ The Philly Sports Scene (12/31)  The Phanatic Needs You!

The Best Damn Sports Blog – Period (12/31) What’s This Vote for Rory Crap?!

Innovation in a Networked World (12/30) Rory Fitzpatrick’s Own Internet Bubble


Wikinomics (12/30) Rory Fitzpatrick’s Own Internet Bubble

Crazy Jokes (12/30) Hockey World (

Backseat Blogger (12/29) Is Rory Fitzpatrick an NHL allstar?

Maxwell’s House (12/29) Sour Grapes (includes link to the YouTube video of the coaches corner segment where Cherry goes after Rory)

Out of Bounds (12/29) Rory Fitzpatrick is Not an All-Star, but Neither is the Voting System

Spector’s Blog (12/29) Pre-New Years notes

Super Rookie’s World (12/28) Vote for Rory! Down to the Wire

A BCer in Toronto (12/28) Make Rory an All-Star

The Supreme Unknown (12/28) Vote for Rory

Dan (12/28) Random Stuff

One Red Paperclip (12/28) Vote for Rory

Hard Drive Life (12/28) Drugs, sports, and sports writers a bad mix

Face Off Hockey Show (12/28) Around the Rink 12.28.06

Kukla’s Corner (12/28) Golbez on Fitzpatrick Saga

Out of Left Field (12/28) Hockey Last Night: Northwest Passage

Off Wing Opinion (12/28) Time to Stop Complaining About Rory Fitzpatrick

Fauxrumors (12/28) Rory Fitzpatrick Will Be Denied!

Buzz Canuck (12/28) Rock the Vote – Vote for Rory

HockeyNation (12/28) The Rory conspiracy  (excellent tongue in cheek piece)

Jes Golbez’s Hockey Rants (12/28) Rory Fitzpatrick Falling on Hard Times

Randball (12/28) Thursday edition: Wha’ happened?

Ryan Northcott (12/28) Vote for Rory

James Mirtle (12/28 ) Why Rory won’t go (12/28) Espn followup (not exactly a blog, but the comments are priceless)

Hockey-Madness (12/27) Rory Fitzpatrick falls to 3rd

Two for Elbowing (12/27) Kukla’s Corner (a must read)

Big marketing for small business (12/27) Vote for Rory viral campaign is winning

Dispatches from the Night Desk (12/27) Vote for Rory

Musings About Center Ice (12/27) Grinders: the superstars of the NHL

I’m a ****ing 100 dollar bills (12/27) Well spoken girls in stilettos are something to fear

Canucks Hockey (12/27) Rory slips to 3rd and that CBC thing

Gouche’s Corner (12/27) All-star or No-Star? By the Fads

Out of Left Field (12/27) Rory campaign losing steam

Hockey Nation (12/27) Crosby’s Star Shines Brightly

850 & 620 The Blog (12/26) Live from the RBC Center

Jo2’s blog (12/26) Don’t vote for Rory and how I became middle-aged overnight

Vancouver and Beyond (12/26) Vancouver in Flames (Arena) Again

Brad Touesnard (12/25) Merry Christmas Rory fans

Razor With an Edge (12/25) Christmas

West Coast Chaos (12/25) Vote for Rory

This blog entry covers media and blog stories December 25-present. Complete December 1- present media coverage is here, complete December 1-present blog coverage here
Vote often through January 2

all-star ballot

Voting runs through January 2

There’s a direct link to the English language US ballot for the 2007 NHL All-Star game, or you can use Remember to vote Rod Brind’Amour, Erik Cole, and Eric Staal for Eastern conference forwards, and Cam Ward for Eastern Conference goalie.


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