Fitzpatrick on Facebook

[updated 1/3/2007] 

Online social networking groups with 5303 members boost the Rory campaign 

NHL all-star game voting is entirely online this year, so it’s fitting that both major social networking groups have large groups pushing Rory Fitzpatrick’s improbable write-in campaign.

Rory on Facebook 

The main facebook group ‘Vote in Rory Fitzpatrick at the NHL All-Star game’ (site registration required)  had 4,576 members by the end of voting on January 3. The facebook group was created by Riel Gallante of Universite Sainte-Anne, with both Gallante and Steve Schmid as admins.  The groups nine officers hail from seven different (mostly Canadian) schools.  The group page features a short bio of Rory, voting instructions, links to articles, audio, hfboards discussion threads, YouTube videos, and a link to the MySpace Rory group.There are 73 photos posted, 1014 wall posts, and a discussion board with 29 discussion threads with 292 posts. The group has even an offshoot Facebook group Cry Baby Don Cherry. In addition to the main Rory group at Facebook, there are 10 smaller Rory facebook groups with between 3 and 94 members each.

Some of the good wall posts at Facebook

Here’s a selection of some of the better wall posts on the Facebook group:

I say we all keep voting and when it comes down to crunch time we all have a mass vote where everybody on the internet absolutely unloads votes for rory moving him from 3rd to 1st in an unexpected, go for gold, explosion to the finish line that will leave bettman baffled. 

Teams made up of all highpriced all-stars dont ever do anything , look at Canada’s team in the Olympics, couldn’t have been better. Teams need the Rory’s because they are what holds the team together and wins games

Better 3rd now then next week. I think him being third woke everyone up and reminded ppl to vote. LET’S DO IT!

At first I was apathetic to this whole movement, I didn’t care that people were writing him in, but I wasn’t going to do it. But now I’ve got people all the way from Wayne Gretzky to the nobodies on message boards telling me that I shouldn’t want Rory in the game, and that voting for him would make me less of a hockey fan. Well I’ll be damned if anyone’s going to tell me who I want to see in the all-star game. I think this is a good oppritunity to show that it’s the fans of this sport that should have the say in what they want to see out there. It’s not going to hurt the game, in fact it might make it better. A lot of these “unskilled” guys have some cool tricks (think Marek Malik’s shoot-out goal last year) and if that’s who the fans want to see then that’s who should be there!

Don’t let that wannabe Lidstrom beat Fitzy, Screw you Don Cherry. Lets vote.

Rory at MySpace

Over at MySpace, the Rory group has 729 members (including fan websites for many other NHL teams). The site has pictures, quotes, some links, some embedded YouTube videos, and a wall with 192 comments. The group moderator has sent out four eight bulletins to members in the last two five days reminding members to vote for Rory. There is also a Rory MySpace message board with 74 posts.

Vote often through January 2

all-star ballot


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