Rory Fitzpatrick blog coverage

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star Campaign

In late November 2006, an online write-in campaign began supporting Rory Fitzpatrick for the online balloting for the 2007 NHL All-Star game.  In final voting results, Rory finished in third place among Western Conference defensemen with 550,177 votes. The top two finishers got starting spots. Voting ended January 2, 2007.  There has been extensive media and blog coverage of the improbable campaign. The first blog post on the Rory Fitzpatrick campaign appears to be from Boltsmag on November 20, 2006.

General coverage

I’ve put together a general post on the Rory Fitzpatrick campaign.

This entry covers blog posts November 20, 2006-present.

It does not cover general media stories, for more than 115 of those, go here

Here’s my catalogue of blog coverage, with 286 entries as of January 16, 2007 (link on left is to the blog, link on right is to the specific post), along in some cases with an excerpt from the post:

(updated 16 January)

James Mirtle (1/16) Rory as Vural Marketing

Kingdom of Fear (1/14) The NHL is a Joke … Especially the All Star Game … Vote for Rory

The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus (1/14) My Campaign

The Puck Stops Here (1/13) The Rory Fitzpatrick Affair

James Mirtle (1/13) NHL all-stars announced

Tom Benjamin’s NHL weblog (1/12) Rorygate (1/12) Jewish Retirees for Pat Buchanan

A Bit Conciliatory (1/12) Not the Coolest Thing on Ice

Kukla’ Corner (1/12) Conspiracy Theory – All Star Edition

Off Wing Opinion (1/12) Did 100,000 NHL All-Star votes for Rory Fitzpatrick just disappear?

Out of Left Field (1/12) Hockey Last Night

Western College Hockey (1/11) I totally did not see this coming (copycat crime)

Wild Puck Banter (1/11) The Rory Hangover

Two for Elbowing (1/11) James Mirtle: Rory falls short – A hockey journalist’s blog

Deadspin (1/11) Vote for Rory Falls Short; Is There Something (Ice) Fishy Going On?

False Gods (1/10) ‘On the Kwan’ Special: Rory Fitzpatrick

You conducted yourself with exemplary grace in a situation that snowballed into circus-like proportions. You endured the barbs and brickbats of jerks such as Don Cherry and Wayne Gretzky with nary a retort (though we did love the one jab you allowed yourself, about how a couple of months ago no one cared about the all-star game and now it’s “so precious.”) Cherry went so far as to call you a “freak,” saying your fans were laughing at you, not with you. In typical fashion, his Coaches’ Corner rant was full of mistakes (like when he said you haven’t played all year). Gretzky said you didn’t deserve to be there, even if the fans did vote you in. Others said the campaign made a mockery of the all-star game.We tip our hats to you. By taking the high road, remaining modest and understated, you showed us all why so many were willing to try and get you into the starting lineup. (1/10) #18 on the ice, but … er … #3 in our hearts?

Dan Murphy (1/10) Demanding a recount

James Mirtle (1/10) Rory falls short

Globe and Mail (1/10) Mirtle: Consider this a Vote for Rory

Globe and Mail (1/10) Duhatschek: The Fitzpatrick campaign, all in good fun

Orland Kurtenblog (1/10) Vote for Me and All Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True … Not

Jes Golbez’s Hockey Rants (1/10) Rory Fitzpatrick: All Star Dreams … Shattered (1/10) Rory Fitzpatrick, NHL All Star …

Aaron (1/10) NHL Fan Voting

Globe & Mail (1/10) Mike Brophy: it’s good to see Vote-for-Rory failed

Hockey Nation (1/10) Sorry, Rory!

Cancucks Hockey Blog (1/10) Close but no Cigar

Kukla’s Corner (1/10) No Rory – Good (1/10) Vote for Rory Fan Campaign Falls Short. Who’s Next?

Dan Shanoff (1/10) Wednesday 01/10 A.M. Quickie

The dream is over for Rory Fitzpatrick: The NHL’s story of the year – the write-in All-Star candidacy that earned a staggering 550K votes – fell 23,000 votes short. But it set a new standard for grassroots phenomena in the NHL and across fan-balloting in sports.

hlog {Hockey’s Ladies of Greatness} (1/10) If you didn’t vote for Rory, you let the enemy win (1/10) NHL All-Star Starting Line-Ups

Randball (1/10) Wednesday (Lebowski) Edition: Wha’ Happened?

Yorio’s Sporting Blog (1/9) Fans get NHL All-Stars Right – Even Rory

Finally, if the league has a heart and a conscience and a bit of a sense of humor, it sends Rory Fitzpatrick as well. The people have spoken and if you start Cheechoo over Selanne because of it, you put Fitzpatrick (who finished third in voting for defensemen in the west) on the team. It’s the right thing to do and for those in the league offices looking for a little media attention, this is a great story for outlets that don’t normally cover hockey and are looking for a little fun and human interest.  All in all, it was a job well done by the fans and the league just needs to round it out now for this year’s All-Star Game to have some pretty exciting potential.

Bleeding Blue and Gold (1/9) Sabres Dominate With Three All-Star Nods

Off Wing Opinion (1/9) Top Stories of the Night

Randball (1/9) The Man is trying to keep Rory down

Canucks Hockey blog (1/9) D-Day for Rory and Other Tidbits

stick in rink: a hockey blog (1/9) No more Rory

stick in rink: a hockey blog (1/9) NHL All-Star Eve

(Next year, can we see a way to vote in the refs? I want McGeough to know just how much fans do not appreciate him.)

Hockey Leaks (1/9) Rory’s No Star

The Voice in My Head Can Finally Speak Out (1/9) I had a girl; she was the best around (puts it all in perspective)

Kukla’s Corner (1/8) All Star coaches talk (1/8) The Gatorade, Old Spice … Pensblog Recap … brought to you by Adidas

MNSpeak. com (1/6) All-Star Shenanigans (writer assumes Rory is in the starting lineup)

Cuddy Shark (1/5) Fans for Rory May be Delivering Payback

Warped (1/5) 2006 – the Year in Review: The Power of the Internet Award – “Vote for Rory”

Elliot Silverstein: Politics, new media, the mass media, and communications (1/4) Voting for the Underdog

“Critics like the CBC’s Scott Morrison have been vocal, stating that fans have exploited a “flaw” with the NHL’s voting system by casting ballots for someone who is “unworthy”.  Hockey Night in Canada’s Don Cherry even shared his thoughts recently calling the support of Fitzpatrick a joke. In this context, I disagree.  First and foremost, this is a ballot for an All-Star game, not a general election.  The process in place allows for multiple votes, and as such the results could be skewed by those who take the time to vote often.  The intention was for fans to vote for who they wanted to see in the lineup.  If the purpose was for only the “deserving” players who are having a good year to appear, then it defeats the purpose of the NHL allowing fans to select a write-in candidate.”

American Hockey Fan (1/4) Funnier All-Star campaigns than “Vote for Rory”

Sean Dwyer: Media Bytes (1/4) Media Bytes: Jan 4, 2007

Off-Wing Opinion (1/4) Time to Overhaul the NHL All-Star Game

Canucks and Beyond (1/4) Rory All-Star Drop

hLog [Hockey’s Ladies of Greatness (1/4) My Mom Thinks I’m Cool!

“I think this year’s All-Star Game will be a success all because of one, Rory Fitzpatrick. The fans discovered a flaw in the system and they exposed it, instead of the League or mediots getting all up-in-arms about the whole thing, they should learn from this and make the necessary changes. However, considering how much publicity this whole campaign got, the League couldn’t have bought better publicity. Fitzpatrick was on ESPN talking about the campaign for crying out loud, and ESPN usually hates hockey like it’s the red-headed stepchild of major sports … Critics of this campaign need to chill the heck out about the fans making the All-Star game seem like a joke when everybody already knows it’s a joke.”

hLog {Hockey’s Ladies of Greatness} (1/3) Hey Now, You’re an All-Star (the excerpt below from HeatherB’s hLog blog post is a succinct prologue to my upcoming analysis that Don Cherry’s rant on HNIC two weeks ago energized the base and turned the undecideds)

“When the ‘Vote for Rory’ campaign first started, I hated it for a couple of reasons. First of all, for me Rory will always be the guy who failed to clear the puck that Henrik Tallinder, Teppo Numminen, Dmitri Kalinin, or Jay McKee would’ve cleared in the last game of the ECF last year. (I know, I know. It’s possible none of those guys would’ve cleared it before Brind’Amour got to it. Let me have my whiny moment, people!) … No matter how much meaning people have tried to put behind the “Vote for Rory” campaign, to me it just seems like a joke that got out of hand…
However, once the Wayne Gretzkys and Don Cherrys of the world started complaining about ‘Vote for Rory’ and what a joke it was and how embarassing it was, I started to like it. (Contrarian at heart!) Come on, guys… It’s an exhibition game! … It’s never really been about who’s having the best season or who’s the most deserving. It’s about who the fans want to see. … All the signs and videos people have created to go with the Rory campaign are great – funny, entertaining, clever. I especially love the anti-Lidstrom, Pronger, and Niedermayer videos. Are you seriously going to tell me that it’s bad that people are talking about and noticing hockey? Lighten up and have some fun, guys! It won’t hurt, I promise!”

Canucks Blog (1/3) Henderson – Vote for Sami

 “I also believe it might be a good idea to require voters to answer a series of randomly selected hockey questions before they are allowed to have their say. This might eliminate the type of fans who vote year after year for Mike Modano because, you know, he’s so cute.”

But Seriously (1/3) Two Minutes for Popularity

“Hockey guru and fashion disaster Don Cherry referred to Fitzpatrick’s popularity as ‘a joke’ and insisted that people are laughing at the
Vancouver defenseman (and Cherry should know a thing or two about being laughed at).  When asked about the situation, Phoenix Coyotes head coach Wayne Gretzky said that Fitzpatrick getting into the all-star game would be ‘100 percent wrong.’  There’s no word yet on whether or not Gretzky’s wife is taking bets on Fitzpatrick’s situation.”

Wikinomics (1/2) The Ongoing Rory Dilemma (a great read)

“In a previous post, colleague Mike Dover talked about how journeyman NHL defenseman Rory Fitzpatrick is currently a contender for the all-star team … Many hockey fans, commentators and other experts with varying degrees of knowledge have expressed outrage at this development … But when you take a step back and look at the whole thing, it really isn’t that bad. It certainly highlights how powerful the Internet can be for engaging people, and may in time prove just how wise we can collectively be. Experts are deriding these voters as idiots that are corrupting the all-star game and ruining it for true fans. But it might actually be true fans – those that appreciate all the different contributors to a hockey game – that are driving this. Through the power of the Internet, the people may just be selecting a ‘behind the scenes’ player to show their appreciation to them all, and the game itself. Is there really anything wrong with that? Have the fans come up with something good for the game that no expert would have thought of?”

Pulled My Groin (1/2) One Last Push For Rory (1/2) Last day of ‘Vote for Rory’ Campaign

Runaway Future (1/2) Vive la Roralucion

“Regardless of whether or not he ends up going to Dallas, the VoteForRory effort serves notice on a new world of professional sports. In most cases, the major sports in North America have used the Internet as a complimentary medium to their sport, not going as far as to take the next step to market their game to the fullest via the new online world.”

Life and Times of a Caniac (1/2) Cole v. Orpik #2 TONIGHT – Blogs (1/1) Don Cherry Doesn’t Like Rory Fitzpatrick

Eyes on the Prize (12/31) Bloggers Can Aim Higher than Rory (excellent focus on what to do after January 2nd)

Bloggin’ The Philly Sports Scene (12/31)  The Phanatic Needs You!

Innovation in a Networked World (12/30) Rory Fitzpatrick’s Own Internet Bubble


Wikinomics (12/30) Rory Fitzpatrick’s Own Internet Bubble

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star Blog (12/30) Fitzpatrick on Facebook

Crazy Jokes (12/30) Hockey World (

Backseat Blogger (12/29) Is Rory Fitzpatrick an NHL allstar?

Maxwell’s House (12/29) Sour Grapes (includes link to the YouTube video of the coaches corner segment where Cherry goes after Rory)

“As has become his custom, Don Cherry has run his mouth off about something he knows absolutely nothing about. During last week’s “Coach’s Corner”, the cantankerous one railed against the campaign to make Vancouver Canucks’ defenceman Rory Fitzpatrick an all-star … Said Cherry: ‘The league is not a joke. This is a joke. This is supposed to be funny.’ So far, no problem. Unfortunately, Cherry took it a step further and continued his attack by going after Fitzpatrick personally. ‘They got him as a jerk. This is a guy, who from now on, he’ll be known as … the jerk, the freak,’ he said. Cherry’s idiocy was magnified by Fitzpatrick’s calm and reasoned response to the attack. ‘I think there’s probably a lot of reasons I shouldn’t be on the all-star team, I don’t think ‘freak’ and ‘jerk’ are two of those reasons. I don’t know why anybody would attack me personally. I haven’t done anything.’

Out of Bounds (12/29) Rory Fitzpatrick is Not an All-Star, but Neither is the Voting System

Spector’s Blog (12/29) Pre-New Years notes

Super Rookie’s World (12/28) Vote for Rory! Down to the Wire

the AuditOrk (12/28) Vote for Rory

A BCer in Toronto (12/28) Make Rory an All-Star

The Supreme Unknown (12/28) Vote for Rory

Dan (12/28) Random Stuff

One Red Paperclip (12/28) Vote for Rory

Hard Drive Life (12/28) Drugs, sports, and sports writers a bad mix

Face Off Hockey Show (12/28) Around the Rink 12.28.06

Kukla’s Corner (12/28) Golbez on Fitzpatrick Saga

Out of Left Field (12/28) Hockey Last Night: Northwest Passage

Off Wing Opinion (12/28) Time to Stop Complaining About Rory Fitzpatrick

Fauxrumors (12/28) Rory Fitzpatrick Will Be Denied!

Buzz Canuck (12/28) Rock the Vote – Vote for Rory

HockeyNation (12/28) The Rory conspiracy  (excellent tongue in cheek piece)

Jes Golbez’s Hockey Rants (12/28) Rory Fitzpatrick Falling on Hard Times

Randball (12/28) Thursday edition: Wha’ happened?

Ryan Northcott (12/28) Vote for Rory

James Mirtle (12/28 ) Why Rory won’t go (12/28) Espn followup (not exactly a blog, but the comments are priceless)

Hockey-Madness (12/27) Rory Fitzpatrick falls to 3rd

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star Blog (12/27) Rory Fitzpatrick 3rd in West

Two for Elbowing (12/27) Kukla’s Corner (a must read)

Big marketing for small business (12/27) Vote for Rory viral campaign is winning

Dispatches from the Night Desk (12/27) Vote for Rory

Musings About Center Ice (12/27) Grinders: the superstars of the NHL

I’m a ****ing 100 dollar bills (12/27) Well spoken girls in stilettos are something to fear

Canucks Hockey (12/27) Rory slips to 3rd and that CBC thing

Gouche’s Corner (12/27) All-star or No-Star? By the Fads

Out of Left Field (12/27) Rory campaign losing steam

Hockey Nation (12/27) Crosby’s Star Shines Brightly

850 & 620 The Blog (12/26) Live from the RBC Center

Jo2’s blog (12/26) Don’t vote for Rory and how I became middle-aged overnight

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star Blog (12/26) Fitzpatrick campaign overview

Vancouver and Beyond (12/26) Vancouver in Flames (Arena) Again

Brad Touesnard (12/25) Merry Christmas Rory fans

Razor With an Edge (12/25) Christmas

West Coast Chaos (12/25) Vote for Rory

Tiny Chunks of Empire (12/24) A Vote for Rory is a Vote for All of Us

Olie’s Blog (12/24) Merry Christmas

Buzz Canuck (12/24) The Top 11 Word-of-Mouth Stories of 2006 (#7)

Out of Left Field (12/24) Kelly Hrudey did wear a helmet when he played, right?

NHL Audio (12/24) A Foot in the Crease – Episode 2.16

Caterwauls (12/24) Vote for Rory! 

The Unofficial Anaheim Ducks Blog (12/24) In this weeks episode we recap

Kukla’s Corner (12/24) Fitzpatrick campaign a joke

Puck Podcast (12/24) Puck Podcast – December 24, 2006

NHL Analysis (12/23) Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick?

Leon .westbrook (12/23) This may be old news to some … but vote for Rory!

Strategist’s Personal Library (12/23) Anything that gets Don Cherry mad has to be a good thing

FromCork2Toronto (12/23) Don Cherry – The Grinch that Stole Rory Fitzpatrick’s All-Star?

Larkin – MySpace Blog (12/23) Keep Voting for Rory Fitzpatrick!

Out of Left Field (12/23) Where’d the Year Go … November 

Level 20 Necromancer (12/23)

Stephen Smart Online (12/23) All Star Game Voting

End To End Hockey (12/23) Episode 16 is Public (12/23) Vote for Rory and Teach Wayne Gretzky What democracy is

X marks the spot… (12/23) Vote for Rory

The Third Edge of the Sword (12/23) How’s Rory Doing?

ThePensBlog (12/23) Jingle Pucks (12/23) Vote for Rory Helper

Dan Murphy (12/22) To go or not to go

The 4th Star (12/22) Wayne Gretzky hates Rory Fitzpatrick

James Mirtle (12/22) Rory hits the front page (Mirtle links all his Rory blog coverage and has an image of the front page of the 12/22 Globe and Mail with a Rory story)

 Dejuiced (12/22) The Internet isUnbelievable Now

Hockey Hearsay (12/22) Vote for Rory irks Gretzky

Burl’s Blog (12/22) Hockey News

The Influence Peddler (12/22) The Power of the Internet

Deadspin (12/22) Year in Review: November

Net Crashers (12/22) Rory will own the all star game and here’s why

The Spin on Sports (12/22) Mario and Rory

un gars normal ouais (12/21) Votez Rory Fitzpatrick

Gorilla Crouch (12/21) Views from Red Wings Bloggers

SlantyNet (12/21) Good old negative campaigning..

Gajordan Online (12/21) NHL All-Star Voting 07

Blog… Phlog… Phils’ Blog (12/21) Vote for Rory!

Shadow Duet Website (12/21) Rory Fitzpatrick Update

My Take on Tampa Sports (12/21) Vote or SHOOT THE PUCK

Fatdaddymacworld (12/21) Vote for Rory

Net Crashers (12/21) TSN endorses Rory Fitzpatrick all-star campaign…

House of Sports Blab (12/21) Writing off the Potential Write-In (12/21) Vote for Rory!

Lowetide (12/21 ) A few things (good read)

Tiny Chunks of Empire (12/21) He’d Vote for You

Boltsmag (12/21) Now you’re just being silly

Hockey Hearsay (12/21) Sabourin gets nod, Rory gets USA Today cover

John Bollwit Blog (12/21) Make Rory Fitzpatrick an all-star

FC Now (12/21) Vote for Rory

The Infamous Dinghy (12/21) Vote for Rory

The Pink Seats (12/21) Rory doesn’t belong on the top of my Christmas tree

Fan IQ (12/20) Vote for Rory Campaign Might Actually Work

I Heart Vancouver Canucks (12/20) Fitz campaign picks up steam

Modsuper (12/20) Keep voting for Rory

Net Crashers (12/20) Grossman easily defeats Roarke in Rory debate

Fasthack! (12/20) Vote For Rory

Kara Yorio (12/20) Fans are pushing Fitzpatrick to All-Star Game

NASN blogs (12/20) Rory Who?

Kukla’s Corner (12/20) Rory #2 

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star Blog (12/20) Rory Fitzpatrick #2 in Western defensmen

Yes, you should read this (12/19) Vote for Rory

Net Crashers (12/19) Rory will smash all-star voting records…

Deadspin (12/19) Vote for Rory Campaign Proving Frighteningly Successful

Off Wing Opinion (12/19) Fitzpatrick Passes Lidstrom, Niedermeyer Within Striking Distance

Andrew’s Dallas Stars and NHL Blog (12/19) Ducks; Rory Fitpatrick 

Original Six Hockey League (12/19) Impressive

BFG Blog (12/19) Vote Early and Vote Often

Jes Golbez’s Hockey Rants (12/18) Nicklas Lidstrom: The Truth is Exposed

Canucks Hockey Blog (12/18) Rory Fitzpatrick: 2nd in All-Star voting

Deadspin (12/18) You Can never get Rid of Matt Millen. Ever. 

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star Blog (12/18) All the HFBoards threads

Off-Wing Opini0n (12/18) Fitzpatrick Moves into #2 Slot in Western Conference Voting

Net Crashers (12/18) Rory served his country, now he needs your help

Road Apples (12/18) Vote early, vote often, vote Rory (12/17) Leafed

James Mirtle (12/16) Burnside Backs Rory Campaign

The Sports Fanatic (12/15) The “Vote for Rory” Campaign 

Net Crashers (12/15) Sports Illustrated Covers Rory all-star mania

Bettman Hates Hockey (12/15) Sadly, It’s come to this

The Shoebox (12/15) Vote for RoryTais-toi Donc! (12/14) Votez Rory Fitzpatrick

Donnny’s Photo Blog (12/14) Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick? Why the Hell Not? LOL

Crawl Across the Ocean (12/14) The Circus

Sabre Rattling (12/14) How I Became a Space Monkey and Voted for Rory 

End to End Hockey (12/13) Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick!Thoughts on Goal (12/13) Vote for Rory!

2-minute minor (12/13) Vote for Rory! 

BumfOnline (12/13) Talk About Being a Schmuck (excellent response to the Edmonton Journal hit piece)

Cape Cat’s Blog (12/13) Vote for Rory (12/13) Please don’t vote for RoryCanucks Hockey Blog (12/13) Fitzpatrick Gains 70,000 on Lidstrom 

Rookie Whites (12/13) Vote for Roryeveryday faith (12/13) Vote For Pedro…um…Rory 

James Mirtle (12/13) Fitzpatrick Set to Make Return 

The (12/12) Vote for Rory!Waiting for Stanley (12/12) Vote for Rory clip

Lone livejournal of the Apocalypse (12/12) Vote for Rory!

Battle of Ontario (12/12) Do it for Rory, do it for all of us

Pulled My Groin (12/12) What Could be the Coolest NHL All-Star Game Ever 

James Mirtle (12/11) A Vote for the Little Guy

James Mirtle (12/11) The Insanity Grows

James Mirtle (12/11) Vote for Rory: the NHL speaks

The Matthew I Never Knew (12/11) Vote For Rory

Chris Nadeau Weblog (12/11) The Internet Really Does Work

Erik’s Saga (12/11) Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick 

from the edge (12/11) Rink report: Fitzpatrick fans packing All-Star ballot box

Battle of Alberta (12/10) Big Deal. I am Very Professional. 

Every time a synapse fires (12/10) n All Out Assault Net Crashers (12/10) Rory Fitzpatrick needs your votes nowIshka’s blog de jour (12/10) Vote Rory Fitzpatrick into the 2007 NHL All-Star game!!!
Tom Benjamin’s NHL Weblog (12/10) Dump the Schmoozefest
Runaway Future (12/10) Vote for Rory, he would vote for youPieraksti (12/10) Vote for RoryTed’s Hockey Emporium (12/9) Rory Fitzpatrick

Net Crashers (12/9) If Havlat can be 3rd in all-star forward votes…

BlogTrot (12/9) Send Rory Fitzpatrick to the All-Star Game

Every life has an if (12/8) What if? Rory Frizpatrick NHL Allstar

The Sports Fanatic (12/8) Wanna Screw Gary … Vote for Rory! (12/8) Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick… the NHL’s most unlikely All-Star

Gary’s Blog (12/8) Vote for Rory …

Waiting for Stanley (12/8) Patrick Fitzrory responds to hype

Net Crashers (12/8) Rory Fitzpatrick is a major media star for the NHL

James Mirtle (12/8) Even more on Rory

Damox’s Sports Blog (12/8) Vote Rory Fitzpatrick

A Town called Podunk (12/8) Roaring to get Rory to the All-Star game

Motion Sickness (12/8) Vote for Rory Fitzpatrick! NOW

The Puck Blog (12/8) Don’t forget to VOTE FOR RORY!

Muskblog (12/8) Rory Fitzpatrick NHL all-star?

Hard Drive Life (12/8) I Voted for Rory!

K’s Weblog (12/8) Vote for Rory!!

GZ Expat (12/8)

A Golden World (12/7) Vote early and vote often

almost all about jason (12/7) I voted for Rory

Mainly Mattias Ohlund (12/7) LOL at the Rory hype

asheeep at the wheel (12/7) Vote for Rory!

TheCommonFan (12/7) Vote for Rory or maybe not

Original Six Hockey League (12/7) Rory goes to (electoral) college

James Mirtle (12/7) Fitzpatrick gains ground

canuckgirl87 (12/7) Vote for Rory!

The Sidney Crosby Show (12/7) Crosby Continues All-Star Voting Dominance!

Wide Web of Sports (12/7) Write-In candidate Rory Fitzpatrick Nowin Fifth Place on All-Star Ballot

Playoff Beard (12/7) Vote for Rory!

Canucks Hockey Blog (12/7) Fitzgate and other stuff

Deadspin (12/7) Rory Continues To Sneak Up NHL All-Star Ballots

kenfu’s krib (12/6) Vote for Rory: NHL All-Star

Canucks Hockey Blog (12/6) Rory Fitzpatrick: 5th in All-Star voting

modsuper (12/6) Vote for Rory

keen’s corner (12/5) Vote for Rory!

8 feet (12/5) Vote for Rory

stick in rink: a hockey blog (12/4) Vote for Rory!

Cole Roberts (12/4) Vote for Rory!!

Man vs. Clown (12/4) Please stop voting Rory Fitzpatrick into the NHL all-star game

The Battle of Alberta (12/4) A Message to you, Rory

James Mirtle (12/4) Talking About Rory

-ascend (12/4) Vote for Rory: Get a Grinder into the NHL All-Star Game

Big Marketing for Small Business (12/4) NHL All Star Voting Has a Viral Storm on its Hands

Net Crashers (12/3) The legend of Rory Fitzpatrick grows …

Net Crashers (12/3) Rory Fitzpatrick Immortalized on Wikipedia

Me-ow. (12/3) Because I’ve jumped onto the bandwagon

Therealdeal Hockey (12/2) Vote for Rory

I Heart Vancouver Canucks (12/2) Vote for Rory

The High Places (12/2) Vote for Rory!

Frasermartens (12/2) Democracy

The Puck Blog (12/2) VOTE FOR RORY! A joke becomes reality

Off-Wing Opinion (12/1) Rory Fitzpatrick for NHL All-Star

Kukla’s Corner (11/30) Stuffing the Ballot Box

Out of Left Field (11/30) Hockey Last Night: Don’t Be Sorry, Vote for Rory

James Mirtle (11/30) Vote for Rory (11/30) It depends on what Your Definition of an “All-Star” is

The Universal Cynic (11/30) Things that amuse me

Vancouver Canucks Op Ed (11/30) It Fitzpatrick Like a Glove

Deadspin (11/29) You, Too, Can Vote for Rory

Best Blog Ever (11/29) There Goes My Hero

Wide Web of Sports (11/29) Is Rory Fitzpatrick an All-Star? 

Metroblogging Vancouver (11/27) Vote for Rory

Vancouver Canucks Op Ed (11/25) All Star Voting Madness

Rory Fitzpatrick NHL All-Star News (11/24) Chad LaRose write-in effort launched by Facebook Group

The Sidney Crosby Show (11/23) Sidney Crosby Leads NHL All-Star Voting

Face Off Hockey Show (11/23) Around the Rink 11.23.06

Canucks Hockey Blog (11/21) Rory Fitzpatrick: All-Star?

Boltsmag (11/20) “Your All-Star from the Vancouver Canucks – Rory Fitzpatrick!”


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    John, yes the first I could find was your post on blotsblog on 11/20, using bloglines, technorati, google alerts, google, other search engines, looking at what other folks were mentioning on blogs, and having followed it myself since November 23.

  3. John F Says:

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